Your international expansion

We are currently experiencing a favorable context for the international development of companies. This development is now within the reach of all entrepreneurs, from very small to large companies !

An infinite potential is to be exploited to conquer new markets in cross-border countries, in Europe and throughout the world, which represents a unique opportunity of development.

From these opportunities emerge new challenges, such as satisfying new clients and complying with the regulatory obligations of the host country.

Are you planning to settle in France from your home country ? Are your a French entity wishing to expand internationnally ?

We help you at every stage of your international development :

  • Assistance in drawing up your international business plan and choosing your location
  • Understand, apply and anticipate legal and regulatory changes in relation to the host country
  • Development support of your entity and assistance for the orientation of the decisions relating to its project guidance

Our methods of intervention are as follows :

  • We draw up an engagement contract about our services, which formalises our commitments in accordance with the ethics of our profession
  • We advise and inform you at each stage of your international project
  • We provide operational support and financial monitoring of your entity in compliance with national regulations
  • We have software tools that facilitate dematerialized exchanges with the parent company and its subsidiaries

This service is powered in collaboration with Cyril Degrilart, chartered accountant in Paris, France. Since the creation of his firm, Cyril helps entities, from SMEs to large international groups, in the development of their projects. Flexible and adapted to different issues, the firm's expertise is based on accounting and financial support, organisational and strategic advice and professional training.

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